This is a story of what was a lifetime struggle with weight and vitality. I am 70 years old, and 9 months ago, I felt like I was 75-80, with not much time left in my life.  Today, I feel like I'm 55-60, and I have a whole lifetime in front of me. I felt like I would be satisfied seeing my 12 year old grandson graduate from high school in 6 years. Now, I plan on dancing with my 7 year old granddaughter at her wedding in roughly 20 years, and still be alive and living life. I still have an aunt who will be 99 in May, and I've had relatives that lived to over 100.


I was literally born to be fat. My parents owned a bakery. All the cake, cookies, bread and, even, ice cream, that was sold in our store was FREE for me. My father baked my favorite chocolate cupcakes, with fudge piled high on top; but to this day, 60 years later, I know he knew how many he baked each day, but I still believe he never knew how many he sold each day, and how many I ate each day. I was a kid living in a candy store. Needless to say, I was a fat child and didn't lose an ounce growing up. I never exercised or played enough with my friends to keep slim. But then, I met the woman I was to marry, and somehow, after leaving the bakery behind, I was at a quite reasonable 155 for my 5'8" frame at my wedding. I chose a very sedentary occupation, but was too busy raising a family, so of course my weight just started it's upward climb. I liked to eat, and the casual visit to the family bakery, where everything was still free, didn't help slimming me down. By the time I was 35, my weight climbed to about 225, and I was having high blood pressure problems, and high cholesterol and high triglycerides. My doctor put me on medicines to control my medical problems at 35 years old. So I changed my life style. I moved my family from Long Island, while working in Manhattan (a minimum 3 hour round trip commute per day), to the sunshine of the slower paced life style of Southeast Florida. Life was slower and less stressful, but it had no effect on my weight, as I had hoped.


So in 1986, at the age of 41, I found a product that took me from 237 to 167. WOW! My doctor, who recommended the product, was amazed. But it was a DIET, and I religiously followed the regimen. But, it did not change my need for medicines to control my blood pressure. The regimen required 4 shakes per day, and one meal. It took 5 months to drop 70 pounds, which seemed pretty good. But, it was a diet, and when I went back to eating "my" regular food, it took 5 years to be back up to 185, and then it was only a matter of years that my weight climbed up to 200, then 220, and finally to 238 in March of 2015. I was squeezing into waist size 42" pants. I kept every size of my best clothes from 36", and 38", and 40" and I retired, so I didn't wear any of theses pants, but when I needed to buy new pants for a friend's affair, there was no way I was going to spend money on anything bigger than a 42" waist.


Well, two things happened to me just 9 months ago, just before I was turning 70. First, my family, including my two daughters, and one son-in-law, and 3 very, very, precious grandchildren told me they were making a 70th Birthday Celebration for me in April, and my first reaction was that they were sending me a message that they didn't think I was going to make it to 75. I decided at that moment I wanted to live a lot longer to enjoy my grandchildren grow up and flourish. And, the second thing that happened to me was; I have a nephew who is like a son to me, who, although he is a Certified Personal Trainer, I knew this kid since he was born. What could he know? He was just a kid. I watched him grow up, go from kindergarten to high school, and then I saw him graduate from the University of Florida. That's right, he's the kid sitting on my lap in the "before" picture. His name is Jarred Mussen, but I've never called him anything but "J." He told me, rather authoritatively, almost in the form of an order, the "time had come to make changes."


So, he's my very, very close nephew, so why should you believe anything I tell you about him and the services and products he's telling you about? Obviously, I must be prejudiced. Well, here's why you should read what I have to say, especially since I am truly a skeptic, and I was a professional CPA, and we make terrible liars.  


Here's why! Because, I've personally seen how committed he is to helping people achieve better health. Because, being my nephew, he did not turn me into his "pet project" until he was 110% convinced that he found the products I needed to add years to my life. Because, although he has an excellent website (www.SwampFitness.com) showing the proper exercise techniques he uses (remember, he's in Gainesville and I'm in South Florida, so he videotaped for me cardiovascular and strength exercises, especially tailored for my current age and health problems, that I should do at home). Because, he walked up and down the aisles of the organic health food supermarket showing me how to properly read the labels to determine what foods are healthy for me, and what foods to avoid. I thought he was doing all this out of his love for me, and that he wanted to keep me alive longer, but then I saw he does this for everyone, and I had thought I got special treatment. I attended a seminar where he and his associates, Sarah and Daphnee, taught strangers how to eat nutritious foods, and how to make it simple to do that. No, he wants everyone to live the healthiest and longest life they're able to, not just me.


Now, if you're the skeptic that I was, and you still think I'm just prejudiced because he's my special nephew, just know this. Every time I called his program a diet, he "scolded" me and said it was a LIFE STYLE CHANGE! You can see the "after" picture of me 8 months into the program, from 238 to 175, and I did it slowly because the faster you lose weight, the faster you put it back on. That's a YoYo Diet. My current weight is short of what I set as a goal, but I don't care about my weight anymore because I've learned it's not your weight that's important, it's the visceral fat that's much more important. My goal was to have gone from a 44" waist to a 36" waist; well guess what, that did not happen. I am astounded to say I fit into a 34" waist. I feel so much more vim and vigor in my daily life that I plan on doing some work, volunteer or money making. Except I will not give up the time I spend with my 3 grandchildren, who have trouble keeping up with me now.


But, if that weren't enough, the looks on the faces of family and friends, who hadn't seen me for months, especially when I show the "before" picture to them; the jaw-dropping look on their faces is reinvigorating and makes the work I've done every bit worth it. But, the most powerful evidence of the program's effectiveness is my primary physician, who for years had been hearing me say, this year I'm going to lose weight, was the most astounded of all; because not only did I lose all that weight, but my cholesterol (which should be approximately a high of 150) that had averaged between 190 and 230 (with medication) over the last 5 years (not good, but not terrible) is now at 121; and my triglycerides (the fat running amok - not the technical term) (which should be under 150) had averaged between 220 and 322 (with medication) over the last 5 years (TERRIBLE) is now 103. My doctor immediately eliminated 4 prescription drugs from my daily regimen. I have all the documentation, so no matter how much my testimonial of Jarred's work is prejudiced, the facts cannot be disputed. And, it's been almost two months that I plateaued at 175, and with a 21 day vacation visiting my grandchildren up north in November, and the holiday season upon us, my weight has gone up to 181, BUT, my waist is still 34". I know once the holidays are over, I will get back to my NEW LIFE STYLE, and again peel off the weight and probably end up at the 160-165 weight that I should be at. No more YoYo Diets for me!!!!!


So, remember, I'm 70 years old, and I've added so many more years to my life, and every expectation that they will be healthy years; so, with Jarred making a sensible personalized plan for you, as he did for me; why are you waiting even one more day to duplicate my results?

*results may vary from person to person

*results may vary from person to person

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