Healthy Holiday Travel Tips

It’s the most wonderful... and busiest time of the year!

There is a good chance between Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, you will be doing a bit of traveling. The change of schedule will throw off your workout routine which will lead to personal frustration. While it is important to enjoy yourself during the holidays, just be sure to remember your goals and stay strong and focused. If you have a plan in place, the holiday season will come and go and you won’t need to “start over” on your journey.

Staying on track with your nutrition and workouts during holidays is easier than you think! We have created a few tips that will help get you prepared for your upcoming travel.  

  • If you are flying-

    • Bring your own healthy snacks (fruit, nuts, healthy protein bars)

    • Walk around the terminal during your layover instead of sitting on your phone

    • It is important to stay hydrated while flying. Bring with you an empty water bottle and fill it up at the airport.

  • Bring lightweight workout equipment in your luggage

    • Jumprope

    • Workout bands

    • Running shoes

  • Schedule time for your workouts

    • Call local gyms to see what their "drop in rate" is

    • Schedule your workouts

    • Plan on doing at home workouts

    • Ask your family or friends to workout with you!

    • Call your hotel to see if they have a fitness center

  • Go grocery shopping when you arrive at your destination

    • Shop for healthy snacks to eat between gatherings

    • Meal prep like normal or buy pre-cooked food (rotisserie chicken) and veggies to have in your hotel room.

    • Buy water bottles

If you are looking for a personal trainer to help you get started on your fitness journey,  we would love to hear from you! Swamp Fitness is a dynamic personal training company in Gainesville, Florida. Our service is centered around helping busy people reach their health goals by traveling to them and working around their schedules. We offer accountability, motivation and programming to match the individual goals and needs of our clients so they can get the best results possible.

Happy Holidays!

The Swamp Fitness team 

Swamp Fitness