Before Swamp Fitness I was not in any type of exercise routine and the thought of working out just stressed me out. Last year I hurt my back and that was the final straw for me, my body was telling me I needed to get back to a healthier me. I started with Swamp Fitness for over a year, mostly because I needed to be held accountable and needed more structure. I also liked that my trainer traveled to me for my workouts and that was very convenient. I also changed my eating habits by joining a program that helped me eat healthier and together with my trainer I was able to be healthier. The weight loss came with the benefits of getting healthier but I also felt so much better overall. I challenged myself and trained and ran my first half marathon this November. I continue to strive to be healthy; maintenance is always the most difficult for me. But with the habits I have developed over this past year it has helped me to get back on track easier.